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I must have missed the unofficial signing of the agreement. For everyone's sake, "officially" needs to be banished.

This MacRumors article is over a week old yet I've just been struck by something that I'm feeling compelled to write about. I don't think the character limit of a tweet is going to cut it so I'm off to craft something longer.

The audience Apple is after with Apple TV+ isn't the same audience that would be swayed by "free," especially since "free with ads" isn't free at all. Apple's audience is after an ecosystem that works. Adding Apple TV+ to the ecosystem makes it stronger.

Unstable preview builds must constitute an unofficial launch. I really feel like I'm starting to get a handle on this whole "officially" thing.

"Officially" because, as everyone knows, Roger Penske unofficially owned IMS and the series prior to the sale's close.

On a serious note, "officially" is a plague.

Sadly, some of the worst writing I've ever read. Sadly, it's not just this article. Sadly, the site actually takes itself seriously.

This is where Snowden's naïveté loses me. He actually believes there are academic institutions and public interest organizations working for the common good? They're bought and paid for like everything else. There is no keeping profit lust out.

This is a misconception that needs to be rectified: A service that is supported by ads that doesn't require monetary payment is not free. Payment is still being exchanged in the form of attention and, in many cases, invasion of privacy through tracking.

I doubt the cost savings will matter the first time this car needs to respond to an emergency and the battery is dead.

A little research sometimes goes a long way. I'm not convinced that Arrow McLaren Racing SP will be an IndyCar powerhouse when it debuts so I wrote about it.

I have some writing about this in progress. It will be posted to @LuminaryBlur soon.

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