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This is a misconception that needs to be rectified: A service that is supported by ads that doesn't require monetary payment is not free. Payment is still being exchanged in the form of attention and, in many cases, invasion of privacy through tracking.

I doubt the cost savings will matter the first time this car needs to respond to an emergency and the battery is dead.

A little research sometimes goes a long way. I'm not convinced that Arrow McLaren Racing SP will be an IndyCar powerhouse when it debuts so I wrote about it.

I have some writing about this in progress. It will be posted to @LuminaryBlur soon.

Anyone who read "The Next 100 Years" by George Friedman — which I refer to as "the future book" — wouldn't be surprised by this.

Extraneous and unnecessary adverbs are rampant here. And when, I wonder, did Allen unofficially buy the jet?

I wonder how Twitter feels about headlines like these because it sure reads as if company itself commented.

To say what I do every day would be harder without Pixelmator Pro is an understatement. It's great to see these regular improvements.

Talking about racing — and — is something I do once a week. Last week, @AaronDurant and I discussed the at Texas Motor Speedway.

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I've settled on a name for my #ActivityPub #WordPress plugin - #Pterotype! It's an early precursor to the typewriter, which seemed appropriate for WordPress.

Honestly though, the main reason I chose it is now it can have a cute Pterodactyl logo. That will go nicely with Mastodon's prehistoric theme!

Now I just need to find someone who can draw a cute pterodactyl...

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