'We need to admit reality,' Facebook whistleblower says. Here's what might happen next cnn.com/2021/10/03/media/faceb

Is this "revelation" surprising to anyone? If you didn't already know this was happening, it's time to turn off the reality distortion field.

When did it unofficially break through the $400 mark? Could I have unofficially made money had I invested at the right time?

Mr. Gruber's usage — "undeniably true" — implies that truth can somehow be questioned. If a statement is true, it is undeniable. If a statement is widely accepted but still deniable, it is not true. It is widely accepted. Like "official," the hijacking of "true" is detrimental.

They have to make deals with smart TV device companies? What happened to just developing an app and making it available?

Roku's reported reasoning is especially egregious: advertising dollars. I'm glad I use Pi-Hole on my home network to block all of it, including Roku devices.

I'm glad I got Roku out of my living room. I'm not glad about still reading this site. "It's" versus "its" is really, really basic.

Based on initial testing, it looks like Assistive Touch must be on in order to use the button customization feature.

If your line of work is reliant on a single point of failure, my suggestion is to find a new line of work. Or, better yet, modify your workflow.

I must have missed the unofficial signing of the agreement. For everyone's sake, "officially" needs to be banished.

This MacRumors article is over a week old yet I've just been struck by something that I'm feeling compelled to write about. I don't think the character limit of a tweet is going to cut it so I'm off to craft something longer.

The audience Apple is after with Apple TV+ isn't the same audience that would be swayed by "free," especially since "free with ads" isn't free at all. Apple's audience is after an ecosystem that works. Adding Apple TV+ to the ecosystem makes it stronger.

Unstable preview builds must constitute an unofficial launch. I really feel like I'm starting to get a handle on this whole "officially" thing.

"Officially" because, as everyone knows, Roger Penske unofficially owned IMS and the series prior to the sale's close.

On a serious note, "officially" is a plague.

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